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Ed Klingenberger

The Tunes

"What's Her Name Again?"

Here's a quick little tune about the coolest girl in town. Of course, the lyrics do nothing more than set up the punchline in the fourth line, but...

"Blank Page"

Inspired by a short Phish tune and wanting to test out the newest addition to my microphone collection, I wrote and recorded this song in about two hours. I had to sing quietly because I was the only one awake at the time...

"It's Not Too Late To Start Watching Football"

The opening track to The Football Project EP (aka TFP 2 1/2). I didn't get the idea for the EP-style Football Project until the end of September of 2006, meaning I had missed a whole month of football for writing. With that in mind, this one kinda wrote itself (with special inspiration to Weird Al's "Pancreas" and Brian Wilson in general).

"All-Star Break"

What? ANOTHER Sports Project?! That's right...but this time it's Baseball. This is - naturally - the All-Star Break tune. In the spirit of the weird song I was obsessed with at the time, I channeled the spirit of Black Flag and a hot dog vendor. I was watching the Home Run Derby when I wrote this, so I saw Bobby Abreu go berserk and hit 24 home runs in the first round alone. Good stuff.

"It's A Fumble!"

Week Four of The Football Project. This, my friends, is probably the shortest prog/fusion tune you'll ever hear in your life. One minute and 42 seconds of fun.

"It's Football Time"

Week Three of the Second Football Project. Check out the intentionally horrible lyrics and my James Hetfield impression! Audiophiles (at least) will also notice the improved production - TFP2 recordings are about 90% tape free.