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Ed Klingenberger

Klingenberger Online

All Klingenberger, all the time.

Hello. I'm Ed. This is a website. My website, to be specific. Take a look around this here website to find out who I am, where I'm from, and what I do with my life. Enjoy this here time waster I run and have a nice morning/day/evening.


Click below to listen to "Road Trip! Part 3", a vocal techno tune written and performed by me.


12/4 - Hello there. This is a missive to inform you fine folks that this is the last update for this website. Why, you might ask? Because I now have a big honkin' serious-like website up!

Go here for future updates and a soon to be unleashed online music store!

Ed Klingenberger dot com

Revel in the joys of fake tattoos.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? The Manager will be out in a minute. In the meantime...

email me.

Road Trip! part 3